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If you are going to attend a massage session at Zhanna’s for the first time, then you are likely to have doubts. In an age of ‘technologies’ we believe that prolonging youth is not beyond the bounds of possibility. But, as a rule, we give the credit for this to plastic surgeons, devices and injections. Zhanna will dispel your doubts at the first meeting and make you believe the impossible. Her hands will work miracles for your face, mood, self-esteem and mental outlook.
Zhanna Arkhangelskaya herself is the best advertisement for her methodology: a beautiful, smiling, charming woman. She will generously share her feeling of inner calm and self-confidence with you and give you the gift of second youth. You won’t have to worry about the results, because your acquaintances will tell you about them. Be ready to answer their questions – whether you have had surgery, fallen in love or discovered the elixir of life.
Yana, Kiev, aged 42

Hello to you all. I had a massage course at Zhanna’s a week ago. My feelings are wonderful. I strongly recommend that everyone pamper themselves and their faces with the amazing treat that this unusual rejuvenating massage represents.
After the first session I could see very well how the shape of my face had got tighter – my double chin had receded. The second and third session gave me a feeling that my face had started to become radiant. All my acquaintances noticed that I looked good and fresh. And the final, fourth session exceeded all my expectations; I became younger by at least 10 years. I also want to mention the fact that the 1½ hours spent at the massage session is an amazing relaxation. I am definitely planning to return to Zhanna for a new massage course!
Svetlana, aged 40

If you come to Zhanna, you can be certain that you’re lucky and that your face is in reliable and professional hands. I have never seen anyone else use Zhanna’s working technique. It is an absolutely unique method and its effect is quick and long-term.
Your face will acquire such vitality and elasticity that you shouldn’t be surprised if, after the first session, you will be asked what you have done to yourself to look so fresh and young. The energy with which Zhanna approaches each client is no less important.
Just as food tastes more delicious if it is cooked with love, the effect of massage is much stronger if it is given by a person who is truly interested in you and your beauty.

Each woman dreams about being beautiful. Zhanna’s skill makes this dream come true. After the mystery of interaction you feel how each tiny cell of your skin bursts into life and everything around you acquires fresh colours. The most important thing for me is that Zhanna helps my inner rejuvenating mechanism to start working. And that’s what it’s all about!
Irina, aged 42

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