Unique facial rejuvenation massage – YOUNGFACE

YOUNGFACE is a radical and highly special facial rejuvenation massage technique based on an ancient Altay practice. This unique method was created by Zhanna Arkhangelskaya.

Combining the experience of our ancestors with a modern scientific approach, YOUNGFACE reveals the inner potential of our body, activates its hidden reserves and delays the ageing processes for 5 – 7 years.

The YOUNGFACE facial massage technique is also a product of the wellness philosophy based on the idea of beauty and health in harmony with the nature of man. In contrast to injections, device methodologies and surgical interventions, this rejuvenating massage technique works on the skin itself, preserving its intactness and not injuring it with artificial components or foreign objects. It is the most environmentally-friendly method of maintaining health and beauty while preserving your youth.

In a natural way, after only 4 treatment sessions, Youngface technique brings about a long-term facial rejuvenating effect, specifically a radiant facial colour, lifting effect and excellent well-being.